Rustic Linens and Country Area Rugs

From nylon to wool, indoor to outdoor, big to small, and available within any price range – if you're searching for country area rugs, you're in luck! We have access to hundreds of different brands and styles including hand-woven and hand-dyed options. We even carry hard to find heirloom dated rugs. If you have a style of country area rug in mind, we’re your one-stop solution.

A country area rug is an incredibly versatile accessory and can alter and improve a space in many ways. For example, a braided rug is very contemporary when it’s rectangular; however, when it’s an oval, it automatically takes on a more old-fashioned aesthetic. Country area rugs can define a space, and, in many cases, bring it together. Often, rugs dampen sounds and add a feeling of closeness and coziness. In our experiences, a country area rug is a fantastic way to influence the atmosphere of any room.

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